GMAT at Alfa Beta

GMAT is a demanding test, so at Alfa Beta we have developed a course that covers all the bases. Our course is a healthy mix of theory, strategy, tips and pacing.

The teachers are highly experienced. Our Verbal/AWA teacher Mr. Sanjay Smart has been teaching GMAT for the last 20 years in Nepal and is renowned for his approach and commitment to student outcomes.

The most important features of the GMAT classes at Alfa Beta are as follows:

  1. Comprehensive approach to theory
  2. Excellent strategy for individual question types
  3. Excellent pacing strategies
  4. E-Library for downloading GMAT e-books
  5. E-Practice with 5000 GMAT questions
  6. Lab and Library every day


Test section Time limit Number of Questions Question Types Score Range
Analytical writing assessment 30 minutes 1 questions Analysis of an Argument 0-6 (in 0.5 point increments)
Integrated Reasoning 30 minutes 12 questions Graphics interpretation,Table analysis, Multisource reasoning,Two-part analysis 1-8 (in 1 point increments)
Quantitative reasoning 62 minutes 31 questions Data sufficiency, Problem-solving 6-51 (in 1 point increments
Verbal reasoning 65 minutes 36 questions Reading comprehension, Critical reasoning, Sentence correction 6-51 (in 1 point increments)


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