About University

·       Established in 1982 at UC Berkeley for academic minded youth

·       Has 37 years of history

·       Administrated by the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley

·       Believed to be one of the top talent development programs in the US

·       Recognized by the University of California System as college preparation program

·       The global program was established in 2013

·       The program basically is a month abroad to expand a student’s horizon

·       ATDP is an academic program but bears no college or high school credit units

University Features

·       ATDP is recognized by all universities under the University of California System

·       Since 2013 they have been offering this program to international students. Previously it was only open to local students

·       ATDP is more like a college preparation program to help students be more “college ready”

·       They will offer a certificate on the completion of the course on a UC letterhead

·       The program helps student build a comprehensive profile

·       There are mainly two components to this program. One being academic and second being social development

·       The counselors are all UC Berkeley students

·       They are located in the Silicon Valley-San Francisco Bay area

·       Last year they had a total of 90 students in the program


·       Social Studies:

o   American Culture and Society

o   Social Psychology  

·       Science:

o   Advanced Biotechnology

o   Advanced Chemistry

·       Architecture:

o   Architecture Design

·       Business:

o   Business, Finance, Economy

o   The Practice of Law (practicing lawyer from the industry come to teach the classes)


·       Engineering:

o   Solving Problem with Python  


Merit Based


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